Looking to make a move in 2020?  Watch the Triangle area market report video to learn about what’s going on in the Trianlge area real estate market so you can make better, well-informed, real estate decisions.

Bottom Line and Takeaways from the Triangle Area Housing Market Report

  • Experts are forecasting a reduced chance of recession this year.
  • The housing market is helping to keep the economy from falling into a recession. 
  • There are more homes projected to be sold in 2020 than in 2019 thanks to low mortgage rates.
  • A shortage of housing inventory in the Triangle area real estate market will remain a problem in 2020.
  • Although we can expect to see a continued increase in new construction in the Triangle area, the new home starts will fail to solve the inventory shortage problem as millennials enter the Triangle area real estate market , particularly at entry-level price points.
  • Sellers would be wise to list their homes for sale during the winter months as buyers are starting their home searches earlier in January.
  • Triangle area home prices expected to continue rising as a result of the inventory shortage.
  • Now is a great time to use your equity to trade up to a bigger house.

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